Winter 2022 SNAP/HIP CSA

Click to view and download our YELLOW STONEHOUSE FARM 2022 Winter SNAP CSA Pilot Membership Agreement

Yellow Stonehouse Farm is pleased to offer special CSA Membership plans to prospective members that are recipients of SNAP/HIP benefits. These plans allows CSA members to pay, at least in part, for their CSA membership with a monthly payment that is deducted automatically from the EBT account at the beginning of each month. This allows the CSA member to avoid payments when they come to the farm to pick-up their share – keeping the method of payment private and your pick-up efficient.

Even better, since this is also a HIP program, your EBT account will be reimbursed up to $40, $60, or $80 per month, depending on family size. The amount of reimbursement may vary depending on your monthly allotment, family size and other factors that DTA has established.

If you are interested in exploring this option, you are welcome to call Connie Adams at the farm to review. While she is not an DTA employee, she does understand how the program operates and will be happy to review with you. Please call Connie at the farm at 413-562-2164 or if you prefer, email her at