Yellow Stonehouse Farm Gift Baskets & Feasts

Yellow Stonehouse Farm is happy to present this year’s Thanksgiving and Holiday Feast menus & basket, as well as a variety of specialty gift baskets that include a selection of  organic and local vegetables, fruits & berries plus locally sourced & crafted foods such as maple syrup, sauces, syrups, teas, herbs and other culinary ingredients.

Our Holiday Feast Baskets contain large quantities of organic & local vegetables and fruits to make our complete menus of delicious Thanksgiving and Holiday dishes.  The recipes, developed from family favorites and thoughtfully tweaked to boost the flavor and nutrition, are specially designed to go with the 45 – 55 pounds of organic & Local vegetables filling your YSF Feast Basket.

To see YSF Feast Basket Order Form click here.

Yellow Stonehouse Farm’s Special Gift baskets come in three sizes – medium, large and a Chef’s Special Feast Basket.  All contain a selection of vegetables, in quantities increasing in size from sufficient for a small feast for two, then four and finally eight, with the vegetable selection augmented by a selection of locally sourced and crafted foods designed to enhance the vegetables.

To see the YSF Specialty Gift Basket Order Form click here.

A unique addition to very feast & gift basket are Connie’s customer crafted spice mixes, herbs, and teas:  Each packet contains a herb blend or tea designed to enhance the basket and its contents – be it poultry seasoning for the Thanksgiving Feast basket, the spice rub for a holiday roast or Italian Herbs for the Mediterranean Treats basket.

Feast menus consists of at least eight special recipes – including soup, salad, potatoes and various hot and cold side dishes to create a complete and delicious feast that your friends and family will savor — plus notes on staging your dinner so everything arrives at the table on-time, hot and perfectly cooked!  All menus are included with your Feast basket orders.

YSF Thanksgiving and Holiday basket prices are $85.00. For guaranteed fulfillment, order by November 10th for the Thanksgiving basket and December 8th, for the Holiday basket. To order, download the order form here:

Specialty feast basket orders must be received by Yellow Stonehouse Farm 3 days prior to pick-up.  Costs are $45 for the medium gift baskets, $65 for the large gift baskets, and $129 for the Chef’s Special Feast basket.  Pick-ups will be available until 4 pm on Saturday December 21, 2019.  To see the YSF Specialty Gift Basket Order Form click here.

Mail form with payment to Yellow Stonehouse Farm, 354 Root Road, Westfield, MA  01085.  If you have questions you can email to or call the farm at 413-562-2164. Baskets are available for pick-up at the farm or may be shipped, though delivery payment must be received in advance. Shipping is an additional charge to be added to the cost of the basket.